Apr 2, 2008

DH's Bandanna Stocking

I saw these stockings on another blog (Michelle's blog), and decided to stitch them for DH and I. DH's will be done in Texas Tech colors - red Aida with black and white floss. I'm doing mine on denim-colored Aida with red and white floss. This pattern was published in an old "Cross Stitch & Country Crafts Nov/Dec 1993" magazine. I got my copy from The Old Stitch website. Hopefully, DH's stocking will be a quick stitch and then I will go back to working on the HBP for my MIL. I'll stitch my stocking later.

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Hi! I'm Michelle said...

Your stockings will be beautiful! I hope you are a better counter than I am... I struggled through mine and let it sit for years before finally finishing it! It will be a breeze for you, I just know it! :)