Apr 6, 2008

Chucked a WIP, new project

I've been stitching on DH's "Bandanna Stocking." The more I stitched on it, the less I liked the fabric (14 count Aida). I just couldn't see it finished out as a stocking. So, as my distaste grew, I decided to do something about it.

I chucked the stitched-on fabric in the round file.

I then spent about half an hour online searching for something different to stitch it on. I settled on Silkweaver hand-dyed Classics Poltergeist and Sapphire Sky in 28 count Lugana. I'll stitch DH's on the Poltergeist, a medium grey with red and black (Texas Tech colors) DMC floss, and I'll do mine on the Sapphire Sky with DMC white and a brownish-orangey floss. As this fabric won't arrive for a couple of weeks, I needed something to stitch on. So I started the "February" boot from Redbird Designs "Southwest Seasons." It'll be a quick stitch, and then I may start back in on "Wild Things" for my MIL. Below is the "January" boot I did last year.