Apr 21, 2008

A quick little finish

While waiting for my fabric for the "Bandanna Stocking" to arrive, I stitched a quick little Altoid tin topper. *Note self: check colors of floss if pattern lists DMC equivalents from a GAST and WDW original. I started stitching without paying attention to the weirdness of the colors. But I decided that it added to the funkiness of the pattern.
I went on a stitching retreat in March, and this pattern was in a tin topper kit given to all attendees. Of course, the hostess provided us all with a lovely tin that had been spray painted pink. I immediately gave the pink tin to one of my stitching buddies. Mel loves pink as much as I hate it. My inner tightwad always feels good when I can re-home a pink item; the pink-hater in me always wants to chuck the item in the trash can. Luckily, my inner tightwad can usually beat up my inner pink-hater.

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CraftyT said...

I like it! I am a purple lover.I think this looks great :)